OCTOBER 25th - Shauns California Video Edit

A few months ago, I was hired by Shauns California to edit a film with footage from Italy where their eyewear is crafted. Designed in California, this is "A Process of Passion". shaunscalifornia.com

july 25th - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The only other country that I've been to outside of the US so far is Mexico. I grew up going just across the border to Rosarito or Ensenada so it was time to head down the coast of Baja California. Some friends of mine planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate a few things and we had an amazing time to say the least. It will probably go down as one of the best trips ever since the whole stay was filled with great times, lost of laughter and just soaking in the beautiful scenery that Cabo had to offer. I was hesitant to even bring my camera at all but as always, I'm glad I did even though it got soaked on the boat ride to Lands End. We got dropped off by boat at Pelican Rock beach where we hung out and snorkeled a little. There was also a thunderstorm back across the water with some rare lightning that I'm lucky to have captured in that moment in time. Even though I was drunk for about 5 days straight, I was able to concentrate enough to capture some of the moments from our trip. Here's to the crew that we had down there and to the many more trips to come.

FEBRUARY 2015 - downtown San diego

You may or may not know this spot, and you might not recognize San Diego in this way. I released these photos sporadically on my instagram but I wanted them to be seen all in one place. This sight is one I've never seen before of downtown and it's facing a direction that people don't usually see. I hope to go back again and capture more shots because this spot is one that cannot be played out, it's lucky to be played at all by such creatives. Don't ruin it. Enjoy!


I was asked to fly to North Carolina to start shooting a documentary for a player on the San Diego Chargers. After a long flight and a short layover in Atlanta, I finally arrived in Charlotte as the sun went down. I've never been to the east coast so I was excited to see something new and even though I was only able to explore for a couple hours at night, I got to see uptown Charlotte in action and what the streets had to offer. Grabbed a drink at a rooftop bar with a great view of the skyline and then hit the main streets near Time Warner Cable Arena where the Charlotte Hornets play. It was a short trip but I'm glad a stayed up late to wander the streets in a new city. 


These are my favorite shots that I've recently taken downtown San Diego. It's good to be back in my hometown and explore the city I grew up in. There's so much to look at in one city and you can't be bored with it until you've seen it all. 

February 17th - Vista point / Camp pendleton

While living in Los Angeles, I would drive back to San Diego about once a month and I've always wanted to pull over at the last rest stop before you hit Oceanside called Vista Point. I finally made the last minute decision and took the exit and parked for the sunset. There was lots of people parked and taking pictures from the parking lot but I wanted to get right up on the water so I climbed the fence and walked about 500 ft to the unstable cliffs. The view was amazing the cliffs had so much detail with the sun directly on them. I stayed for about 30 minutes while the colors kept changing every where I pointed my camera. 


Drove up to Big Bear for a night to celebrate a friends birthday and luckily enough there was some bright fog and snowfall to wake up to.  I haven't been in the snow since I was kid in Lake Tahoe so it was necessary for me to bring my camera. I captured a majority of these shooting out the backseat window where the air is even colder and the scene is changing every bend of the road. Shooting in the snow for the first time really opened my eyes and convinced me to make sure I go back to a mountain as soon as possible.